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Shiv Sena Punjab Portfolio

Shiv Sena Punjab Is An Organization Which Is Established In 2010 By National President Sanjeev Ghanauli & National Chairman Rajiv Tandon.


The founder of shiv sena punjab india are Mr. Sanjeev Ghanauli ji & rajiv tandon ji .shiv sena punjab support to all community they are always fight for nation & truth .shiv sena punjab cannot torlance if any one use wrong word for their hindu religion .hindu religion belong to sanatan dharam. sanatan dharam is very old dharam & his history is very rich many tapasvi,sadhu,sant,fakir, belong to him. shiv sena punjab always fight for poor & needy people.shiv sena punjab is neither participate in elections in present not in past .Shiv Sena Punjab is always on forefront to help the weak and needy. It doesn't matter whose government working on. Not any kind of greed of vote . Shiv Sena Punjab is moving forward under the leadership of Shri Sanjeev Ghanoli. The power of Shiv Sena Punjab has been increasing since past few years. The other political party is now appreciate about it's selflessly work and devotion they are being do for society. They continues formulate new policies and convey their policies to the general and special people. They feels their responsibility to solve people's problems. It is the spirit of extinction that strengthens Shiv Sena Punjab. Shiv Sena Punjab has to raise its voice to stop the exploitation of the general public by the representatives of the government. The government takes direct action with the government to get the policies in favour of the people.